Green Lantern [Hal Jordan] (viridis_lumens) wrote in dc_shenanigans,
Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]

Meme! - (open rp)

I'm beginning to think that our downtime will be our downfall.

A DC Honeymoon by Nigredo
Your name
Favorite Color
Your spouseFlash 3 (Wally)
Honeymoon LocationPlanet: Oa
Divorce DateYour next birthday
Reason for DivorceThey were admitted to Arkham Asylum

...Yeah, no. It'd be better if Dick got this result. Though I'm almost wondering how Wally West got admitted to Arkham Asylum.

(ooc: And because Memegen's coding is not complying with LJ's S2 coding, go here to take the quiz! Post your results too if you'd like, or just discuss!)
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